Something very different launches into the market place, when I say different you will have not seen anything like this at all!

My good friends Richard Fairbairn and Simon Phillips are launching there new MicroSAAS AI app builder and beta testers have made almost $50,000 using this system and they are real webmasters just like you.

Get your chance:

So what is the MicroSAAS AI?

The system is an app for building MicroSAAS AI apps…

The system comes with done for apps already to go and deploy as your own:

Social app: Generates over 25 types of social data.
Image app: Create and edit images with 100 built-in styles.
Content app: Automate content creation and posting for your blogs.
Affiliate app: All you need for a successful affiliate campaign.
Ebook app: Create up to 40,000-word ebooks.
Inbox app: Let AI email personas handle your email communications.

You get to fully white label the apps and resell them as your own.

They come with sales pages, marketing materials and graphics and even have a Gumroad style page builder built in.

Plus with this new app you get to build your own MicroSAAS AI apps.

You can add your own domains into the system to host your apps on.

And included are our powerhouse plugins which turn any MicroSAAS AI app into a lead magnet and a monetization ninja.

Get your chance:

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